About me

I've been rowing for almost 20 years.  My fascination was started by the combination of movement, nature and the silent, meditative gliding of a boat on the water. 

After completing a beginner's course in 2000, many years of recreational rowing have followed. In 2017, rowing for pleasure became sports training. Today I am in different boats and teams several times a week on the lake of Zurich.

I have been involved in rowing training since 2009 in different places (Bächau rowing club, Zurich rowing club and private instruction). I have attended instructor courses given by the Swiss Rowing Association participating in numerous training lessons (across a range of different sized boats).

Rowing was for a long time the counter-balance to work and family-life. Now it has become my main occupation. From spring 2019 I will be offering rowing lessons with the Stadtrudern / Urban Rowing Rowing School. I want to enable people of all ages to discover this holistic, fascinating and relaxing sport for themselves.